Arranged marriage versus love marriage — what to choose?

arranged marriage

Almost all of us have experience in building a relationship: school love, college boyfriends and girlfriends, or maybe something more serious in older age. However, we all believed in endless love that would always follow us and wouldn’t let us down. This is very romantic, but it’s not how the world works. And today, we realize that everything is a bit more pragmatic and simple. It may come with age, after a lot of tries, or you may just figure it out by looking at your family, friends, and others. Love is a great gift that is not that easy to obtain, and it could be hardly possible to find the right suitable person to fall in love with. So what should you do?

If you can’t manage to find a lifetime partner who meets all your preferences and loves you as you love him/her, it’s not a disaster. The family is a mechanism that must work properly, which means you just need to find suitable details. It’s like a job, so you can make a deal. In other words, try an arranged marriage and get 100% benefits. Let’s figure out how it works and what is better.


Let’s compare these types to help you realize which one suits you better. Both of them have their own advantages and downsides, and it can’t be said that there is an obvious winner. Everything depends on the situation and your personality. 

Traditional love marriage: pros and cons

arranged marriage vs love marriage

What is good:

  • Emotional connection. This aspect works for both positive and negative sides. What comes to the positive side, such a strong emotional connection gives you a lot of energy, inspiration, and motivation. People in love can do unbelievable things.
  • Feelings are a priority. You don’t have to meet any qualifying rules to be able to start a relationship. It doesn’t matter who you are if you love each other. Even if you are from different confessions or you have different financial situations, you will be together.
  • Low cheating chance. Unfortunately, it happens that married people cheat on their partners. But if we are talking about real love, the chance here is really low. So you don’t have to worry that your partner will betray you.
  • Happy family life. Your loved ones would be happy to see you with the love of your life, and your kids would be glad to have the most lovely mom and dad. The possibility to create a close-knit family, full of love, is awesome.


  • Emotional connection. Regarding negative sides, it’s terrible to go through relationship problems. It’s the worst kind of pain in the world.
  • No guarantees. You never know what will happen tomorrow. It could be complicated. 

Arranged marriage: pros and cons


  • Simplicity. Such relationships are easier to find and easier to build. You have certain rules that will lead you to success, which is pretty convenient. Everything can be calculated.
  • Profit. You will certainly get what you want from such a marriage. No surprises and no unwanted details — just a clear deal. 
  • Variety of choice. It’s much easier to choose a spouse for an arranged marriage. Thousands of people are ready to be with you if you meet their requirements.
  • Only logic. Feelings aside! Here you can use only your brain to solve problems and find new solutions. It’s extremely convenient because love can make us blind. 


  • Hard to explain. Your friends and your family would not probably understand you, so you would have to deal with these skeptical and offensive phrases every day.
  • No emotional connection. For this type, it’s a downside. It may cause a lot of problems for you and your kids.

Where to search for?

Thanks to new technologies, this question is pretty easy to answer. There are special websites on the internet that were designed to help you with such tasks. With the help of them, it’s not complicated to find any of these two types of relationships. Everything you need is to follow this little instruction: visit the site, create a free account, access free features. That’s it, you are in the right place where thousands of members are ready to check whether you suit them or not.

To be more specific, you will get to the heart of online dating. Your main task here is to tell others about yourself, use special features to find the right partner, and look at what others offer to you. What concerns the first step, it should be done with the help of your profile page. Just fill in everything you want to share and go on. The second one is a little more complicated, and it’s about the search feature.


This is how the second step looks like. Open the search tab and set your preferences. Apply various filters until you describe a perfect match. Once you have finished, initiate the search and see who can suit you. It’s fast, straightforward, and extremely efficient. This function is made to provide you with the possibility to save time. Do not waste it checking out all profiles manually. It would take too long! Don’t forget to leave notes and add users to your list of favorites not to miss the most interesting partners. 

Browsing and communication

arranged marriage versus love marriage

You can view other members’ profiles and their personal details: photos, characteristics, and so on. This helps you realize who you are looking at and if you want to have something more with this person. If you have decided to try, you can either send a wink to show your interest or send a message to show your real intentions. It’s up to you to decide, so don’t worry and do what you really want. 

Keep in mind that the first message plays a big role, so make it catchy and fun to establish the right mood. According to what you need, choose the tone of your phrases. And don’t forget to stay cool!


See? There is no big difference between a traditional marriage and an arranged one. No difference for dating services! So you can search for any of them here without complications. Register on a platform to access free features and a large community full of different interesting people. If you have bled yourself trying to find love and you haven’t succeeded yet, and you want to create a family with a nice, supportive partner near to you, don’t wait and look for an arranged marriage.

This form of relationship is rather fair, open-minded, and easy to build. Don’t stress out because of your partner, get only various benefits, and enjoy the company of each other. Or choose one of the most wonderful and complex ways to become happier — traditional love relationships. Choose your path and get what you want with the help of dating platforms!

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