Why are Russian brides so cute?

Russian brides

Many foreigners prefer to get married with women from Russia. Why do they like them? Russian brides are very exclusive. They are like no other girls in the world. They respect themselves that makes them stand out from the crowd of women of all nations. Let’s review the ultimate reasons that prove Russian brides are the best.

The top main reasons that make Russian brides stand out

Reason 1. They are stunning.

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 Even though many people say that appearance is not everything you should look for to be present in your potential partner, it is essential to look good for both men and women. It is a must to look gorgeous and attractive for a girl. Russian women know this peculiarity and spend a lot of money on cosmetics, clothes, shoes, and bags. 

You will never find a girl in Russia that does not use cosmetics at all. Some of the Russian brides use make-up, others use just creams when the rest use both of these things. Even the poorest Russian girls spend a huge part of their income on clothes and shoes. Most of the Russian girls like to wear high heels. Perhaps, you will only find a girl who does not care about herself living in a village. If you like girls not to use cosmetics, you would better look for a Russian bride that lives in a village then.

Reason 2. They are independent.

Modern Russian girls cannot be compared to Russian women from the past. Contemporary Russian girls can stand for themselves. Some of them might even fight to protect themselves. No way you may say that Russian girls are weak. Many girls who live in Russia go to the gym and have other physical activities. Some of them prefer yoga or pilates. 

What is more, many Russian girls are strong personalities. They can back up their opinion. Most of the Russian girls are not shy at all. Unlike other nations, Russian women are mighty. They can tackle multiple problems at the same time. For instance, they can cook, watch TV, and work simultaneously.

Probably, Russian women are like this because their mothers and grandmothers had to raise children in difficult circumstances after WWII. Many Russian ladies learned how to be strong seeing the example of their parents. The Russian lady will not cry if she gets hurt or injured. Do not even expect it from her.

Reason 3. They are emotional.

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Being strong does not mean that Russian girls are not emotional. They are very expressive from time to time. A typical Russian lady might get angry very quickly if someone irritates her. She might scream and even use dirty language but will easily and quickly cool down after this and repent. 

Sometimes Russian girls might make you go crazy because of their behavior. She might be cold, and later on, she might be hot. Just like any other girl, Russian girls do have emotions and hormones. It does not mean she will be rude to other people. Russian girls are very polite. If they feel they might have hurt you during the fight, they will apologize, for sure. Russian girls are very fast to say they are sorry. Many Russian women go to church, and they learn how to say «Forgive me» from early childhood. Many parents teach their Russian kids to be able to apologize when it is needed. Most of the Russian girls are rather humble and kind. They will never hurt you intentionally.

Reason 4. They are intelligent.

Most of the Russian brides are well-educated. They have higher education in many various fields. For instance, they might have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Engineering. Some of them even have a Ph.D. degree in music and arts, which is fabulous for every man. You will have a common topic for discussion all the time since Russian girls are curious. They are interested in digging deeper and finding what they want. 

Russian girls know how to research and find what they look for. Many girls occupy influential positions in Russia, which seems to be normal in their society. Russian women can even fix a bike or car if it is needed. It is a Russian woman who drives a car and travels for a long distance alone. Do not be impressed with that. 

Russian women expect the same from a man. They want their husband to be as smart as they are. Also, they want him to have an income even bigger than she has. You will have to make her interested in you and prove you earn more than she does because she might not respect you if you don’t.

Reason 5. They are good cooks.

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Russian brides know how to cook very well. They can cook you various soups, pancakes, cakes, meat, fish, or whatever. Significantly, Russian brides like to cook salads. If you are not a meat-eater, it is a big plus for you. Being married to a Russian woman will give you many privileges like a woman from no other nation. Russian women will always make you feel comfy in your home because they know how to clean and design the interior. Russian women are good housewives as well. They are good at housekeeping and remember where all the things are. You will never have a hard time trying to find your socks living with a Russian lady. Note that she might not take your last name if you get married. Most Russian girls are proud of their previous last names. You should expect her to take a double name if she says «Yes» to you if you propose.

Reason 6. They are neat.

Russian women like to look tidy. They will always find money to buy perfume and smell well. They always iron their clothes. Some of them even hire stylists to help them find the right clothes and shoes to emphasize their body’s best parts. 

Most Russian girls have a shower, at least twice a day. They are an elegant nation. You will rarely find a woman in Russia who does not take care of herself. Even depressed girls do not forget to dress up nicely and look well.

Reason 7. Russian brides are slim.

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As long as Russia’s food is rather good without GMOs, girls in Russia are very slim. They have curves and are even a bit skinny if compared to other nations. If you like oversize women, you may also find them in Russia, but their percentage is deficient. 

Many Russian girls go exercise, running, swimming, and so on. Some of them take dance classes and ballet. They are very slim and beautiful. 

They are gracious as well since they take such courses. Some of the Russian women go to the gym and fitness, so they have firm muscles. If you want her to look at you more, you would better go and grow your muscles in the gym. At least, you will find a common language with her.

Reason 8. They are patriots.

Russian girls are very proud that they live in and are born in Russia. They seem to be very patriotic about it. You will have to do your best to impress her and change her mind about the future place of living if you want to take her to your country. As long as Russia features a long and fascinating history, many Russian girls tend to exaggerate the meaning of place of living. It means that she might refuse to relocate to your native country with her. 

You will have to show your mastery in diplomacy to make her think that your native country is also a good fit. To confirm that your country is worth living and you are worth dating, you might tell her that, at least, she will practice her English skills communicating with you. The rest you should do is to make her trust you. It all depends on you and the way you treat her. If you prove you love her and that you are the coolest guy in the universe, she is yours.

Reason 9. She is polite.

Russian girls are very polite ones. They might say to you that they are sorry, meaning that they beg you pardon themselves. Do not get abused and confused because she might say she is sorry so often because she might not know English well. In Russian, being sorry for almost all things is quite familiar. 

Note that she will even say that she is grateful if you open the door before she enters. Sometimes Russian girls underestimate themselves and think that they are not worth opening the door before them. You are there to prove her wrong and that she is worth taking care of. 

Try to teach her that she is worthy in your eyes. Try to ensure that you are a precious and special one. To improve her self-esteem, you would better care for her as much as you can. In most Russian families, the fathers were rude to their daughters, so the girls are raised to feel less valuable. You have to demonstrate that you are a real man and that you can take care of her, no matter what past she might have had.

Reason 10. They have a sense of humor.

Russian girls are precisely the ones you need if you suffer from depression. They know so many short funny stories that you will be impressed. They also know a lot of jokes to raise your spirits and improve your mood. Russian women are enjoyable to talk with. They will always find something humorous in every situation. 

If you like to play jokes yourself, a Russian lady will be a perfect match for you. Note that they never humiliate or get sarcastic about anything. Russian girls use their sense of humor always in the appropriate time and in the proper way not to hurt anyone. If you want your everyday life to be a fairytale in the future, pick up one of the Russian brides, and be happy.

How to make a Russian girl interested in you?

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If you want to invite a certain girl from Russia to date, you should make sure you are a confident guy. Russian girls like men who are strong, not only physically. They want their future husbands to be strong as personalities. You might probably check in some courses for men on how to date a girl from another country or visit a psychologist. 

It depends on your level of maturity. If you think that you are ready to get married, go ahead and write a message to the girl you find and like on dating websites. 

The first impression is critical too. You will need to dress up well and be neat. Make sure you smell good if she agrees to go out with you. Brush your hair nicely, and go on a date with her. She might be curious about you on the first date and ask whether you work and what expectations you have from this date. Be sincere and honest with her, especially if your intentions are good. 

Make her sure that you are the right guy for her. Behave naturally and be polite. Russian girls like polite and well-mannered men. Note that the only thing some of the girls might want from you is your money. However, the vast majority of girls from Russia will want you, but not your money first. Good luck and have a great date!

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