Are there any peculiarities of dating Slavic women?

Slavic women dating

Slavic women are unique. There are several things for you to know when you date a Slavic girl. Unlike other women, Slavic women are fascinating objects to love. Let’s review the main things to consider before asking a Slavic girl to go out with you. Hopefully, you will enjoy our list and start practicing it as soon as possible.

The main tips to consider when dating a Slavic woman:

Tip 1. Be generous.

All Slavic girls like men who are not mean and can afford to buy almost everything she wants. Slavic girls respect themselves and are aware of the fact that they are beautiful. They use this advantage to motivate men to give presents to her.

Being generous also means that you should pay for dinner in a cafe or restaurant for her. Slavic women are independent, but they will not mind you paying for her if you want. You should impress a Slavic girl with your generosity on the first date. 

Even if you are not the most handsome guy, being generous might save you. As long as many Slavic girls are not very wealthy, they would appreciate that you are richer than her.

Tip 2. Mind your manners.

Slurping and sneezing into your hands might make your date shorter. Try not to clean your hands using your T-shirt or pants. There are handkerchiefs to help you be clean and tidy. No way you should cough into her face. 

Yawning in front of her is not recommended as well. Even if you are not interested in listening to her, be a man and nod from time to time. Show you are interested not only in her appearance and body but her personality. Give a few comments about the things she might say from time to time. Do not be rude but patient as much as you can. 

Help her to take a seat and take off the coat. Let her enter the room first. If you are in a cinema or theater, do not walk between the chairs with your back to the people sitting there. Hopefully, you should read a book on etiquette rules before going out with a Slavic brides girl since these women appreciate well-mannered men very much.

Tip 3. Plan your date in advance.

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There is nothing worse for a Slavic girl than to have nothing to talk about. Try to get to know her interests and hobbies before going out. You should prepare for a date and plan every single minute there. Of course, there might be some time for improvisation, but make sure you control everything during the date.

It is also recommended to find the quietest place to date. You must go to this place before a date to get to know whether it is worth going. Make sure your charming Slavic lady is comfortable about certain cafes or restaurants. You should impress her with your character and the ability to reach set goals.

Tip 4. Practice talking to her in front of the mirror.

You might be afraid of being alone with a girl. It will be better for you to repeat your speech in front of the mirror. For instance, you might repeat the phrases or questions that you would like to say. Do not think that you will look like an idiot. It is better to look funny now than to be nervous on a date.

Note that you should not turn a date into an interview. No way you should ask your Slavic girl too many questions. Just keep the balance and prepare a few not too sophisticated questions. Your partner must feel free and not oppressed.

Tip 5. Smile.

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Being gloomy might ruin the whole date — Slavic girls like when men play jokes and tell interesting and funny stories. If you are in a terrible mood, try to raise it somehow before a date. Your lady should not feel that you are in low spirits. For instance, you may take a pen and notebook and write everything you think. Then you should tear this sheet of paper into many little pieces and burn them. Psychologists claim that it helps to get rid of negative emotions.

The more you smile during a date, the better. However, if you feel her jokes are not funny and you do not want to smile, you should not do it. Do the natural things for you, and do not push yourself to do what you do not want to. If she wants to get more information about you than you have expected, you would better politely explain to  her that you are not willing to answer all her questions, at least for now.

Tip 6. Go to a gym but not right before a date.

Slavic girls like when men are in a good physical state. For instance, they would appreciate it if you go to a gym. Slavic women enjoy when a man has big muscles. It does not mean that you should become a culturist. Just a little exercising to create beautiful shapes will be enough. Do not overtrain your muscles because you might look like a self-centered person to her.

Tip 7. Be polite.

Always say «Thank you!» or «You are welcome!» when you are with a Slavic girl. She would appreciate your being grateful. Do not use obscene words when dating a Slavic woman. It will be better not to come to a date at all than to use obscene language. A Slavic girl will not respect you if you do. Note that using such words does not make you look more mature and calm. On the contrary, you will look like a teenager trying to show off. 

Being polite also includes being delicate about asking actual questions. Your partner should not feel nervous or annoyed by your questions. Try to ask general questions on the first date. If it works out, you will have an opportunity to ask more on the next date. Do not rush to get to know everything about her not to sound impolite.

Tip 8. Be tidy.

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It is recommended to clean and iron your clothes before a date—Slavic girls like when a man is neat. Wash and polish your shoes and fix your watch before you go on a date. She must feel like you were preparing for a date with her. 

Being tidy is a must for every man, as well as shaving before a date. If you have a beard, it is okay but make sure your partner likes it.

Tip 9. Do not push her to have sex with you.

The first date is not enough reason for a Slavic girl to go to bed with you. These girls would like to marry first before they invite you to their bed. You should not push her to have sex with you because it is inappropriate in these countries.

Wait for the right time. Most of the Slavic women are aware that a man might leave them after getting what they want, especially if it is a foreigner. Smart girls will never let you closer than expected. If you’re going to be with a savvy girl, you would better wait.

Tip 10. Dance with her.

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Slavic girls like dancing like no other women. They would appreciate it if you invite them to a party or a disco club. If there is a chance for you to dance together, accept the challenge, even if you cannot dance at all. However, if you know that you have no dancing skills, you would better take a few dance classes before a date to impress her. Being good at dancing means being good in sexual relationships. She would also like to feel your touch and love fluids coming from you. Meaning, she would feel the way you feel about her when you will be dancing. 

Wish you to enjoy spending your time with a Slavic lady. These girls are special like no other women in the world. Try to be a bit patient and kind to her, and she will open her heart to you. If you like how Slavic girls look and behave, you should do your best to impress them. Good luck and have fun!

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