Is there anything special about senior dating?

Senior dating

No matter how old you might be, there will always be some challenges in dating. Every age features its peculiarities. Let’s review some of the main things you need to take into account when dating. Check our main tips regarding senior dating.

The tips for using during senior dating

Tip 1. Never give your financial information.

Many people who want to date are very «smart,» all they want is your money. It is time for you to be alert when your partner asks you to give him or her your personal information. You should not do it in any way.

If a person is looking only for love, he or she will not behave this way. For instance, they might offer you to borrow money or give a small amount to get home. In general, most normal people would not demand you to provide them with cash on the first date. Be careful, and do not let scammers and tricksters rip you off.

Tip 2. Your attitude must be friendly.

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You are indeed mature and well-experienced. You might even think that you have seen everything in this life just because you are sixty. But there is always something in this life that might surprise you, no matter how old you are.

Your attitude toward senior dating must be positive. There is no need to criticize you for your age. Even though you are old physically, you might be young in your soul, and it is your soul that matters in senior relationships more than anything else. 

Listen to your children’s or friend’s opinion. They might have probably told you that you should try senior dating. What are you waiting for then?

Tip 3. Trust your instincts.

As long as you have a significant life experience, you should trust your intuition and instincts. Your body will not lie. For instance, if you date and keep your hands crossed in front of the partner, you will not let the other person inside. You should stop dating if you feel a person is suspicious, and you do not trust them because they want to take advantage of you, to some extent.

Your intuition will never lie. Try to consider and analyze all the emotions and feelings after the first date. Moreover, even a photo of your potential partner might tell you a lot. For instance, you might feel whether he or she is sincere or not.

Tip 4. Consider red flags.

If a person behaves not naturally, it must alert you. For instance, he or she might show accidental irritation or annoyance, but they will be smiling at you with clenched fists. Do not ignore the signs telling you that this person is not the right one for you.

Sometimes you might meet someone who continuously touches their nose. According to non-verbal communication theory, such a manner of behavior means that he or she is lying to you. There are even more signs and red flags for you to mind when senior dating. Note that even seniors might be taken advantage of, so watch out!

Tip 5. Ask her or him some questions.

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Begin your conversation with a greeting and ask how your partner is doing. Then, you may ask them a few questions that you must prepare in advance. However, do not ask too many questions not to sound like a journalist at an interview. Keep the balance.

For instance, you might comment on the way she or he looks. You should also ask them whether they like a restaurant (if you are dating there) and the atmosphere. Try to be caring during the first date and show some initiative to impress the partner.

Tip 6.  Be confident.

Note that the statistics claim that only 35% of women prefer dating younger candidates. If you are older and even much older than your female partner, it is okay. You should not worry about your age but keep being confident.

Most women like when a man is confident and knows what he wants. They would also like you to behave like a leader. Of course, if you do not want your wife to be a leader in your future relationships, you should start by showing some initiative if it comes to marriage. Be a man, in other words. Being a leader means that you should take responsibility. Make your charming lady trust you, then.

If you are a woman, it is natural for you to play a supporting role. Just relax and enjoy the process, as many psychologists might advise you. Do not rush. If it does not work, it is okay, and this is not your fault, for sure.

Tip 7. Live a dating lifestyle.

Living a dating lifestyle means that you should date as much as possible before you find the one. You will not have a possibility to date when you get married. For now, you are free as a bird to look for the one you need. Try to be open-minded and scrutinize the representatives of the opposite sex. Take a chance to figure and check out the diversity of them. 

For instance, you might date at least two times per week. Schedule a specific time to date a few different girls or men. Devote a certain amount of time to think over and make the right decision.

Tip 8. Mind hygiene.

Being physically attractive and smelling good is a must when you date. Take a shower before you go out. Note that people are not supposed to know that you had no time to take a bath before going out because you were at work. It is inappropriate to come to the date right after work.

Tip 9. Smile.

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The power of a smile is often underrated. Sometimes a girl might come to a date in very low spirits. It might be because someone has spoiled her mood. To help her ignore negative thoughts, you would better start with a big greeting smile.

If you smile at her, she will keep in mind that you are positively-oriented about her. It will help break the ice and make her open up fast. Smiling is a cheap but very effective method to improve one’s mood. Keep smiling and enjoy your date!

Tip 10. Meet in the safe places.

Every place features specific energy. For instance, dating near the cemetery is prohibited. No way you should schedule a date in a dark valley. Try to find the most positive and exciting places to meet up.

Your partner must not feel scared or shocked by the atmosphere of certain places. It will be appropriate to date in a nice restaurant, cafe, park, or near the lake. Use your imagination and creativity to find a proper place to date her.

Tip 11. Live in the present.

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There is nothing worse than listening to a man or woman complaining about their ex-husband or wife that he or she had in the past. Try to live in the present time and avoid looking back. Your present and future are the two most important things. 

Even if your ex hurt you in the past, try to forgive them and move on. You should not get stuck in history. Prepare your heart for a new relationship. Open for new opportunities. Your partner should not know how terrible your relationships with your ex were, at least, on the first date.

Tip 12. Do not have sex on the first date.

Statistics claim that the most significant number of people with HIV are the ones who are over fifty. You should not be light-minded on the first date. Do not forget that you are looking not only for a one-night affair, but you want a serious relationship that might end up in marriage. 

Having sex on the first date is taboo. If you do not want to have AIDS, you would better wait till you know the person more. There is nothing more terrible than getting infected after a frivolous night with a stranger.

Tip 13. Respect your partner.

No matter how hard it might be for you, you should do your best to respect your partner. If you feel like a person is inappropriate for you, do not show it. Hide your negative emotions, and do not offend a partner.  He or she might feel the same for you because you may be from different social circles and worlds. The things that are normal to you might be unacceptable for him or her. You should take into account that you might be different. Anyway, respect is a sign of a good upbringing. Use it to impress him or her.

Tip 14. Change the flow of speech.

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Your partner might be either too talkative or silent. If you like him or her, you should slow down or speed up your speech to match the flow of your partner’s speech. Use this trick to make your partner more interested in you. In other words, you should adjust to him or her to be on the same wave. 

Learning this tip will help you build much stronger relationships. You might also show your affection by changing the speech flow. The ability to adjust is such a great feature for every person who is looking for serious relationships.

Tip 15. Be honest about your life expectations.

Tell the truth. Seriously. If you are looking for finding a one night lover, you would better tell it directly at the beginning of a date. You should also do it if you intend to find a husband or wife. Do not have secrets but be sincere to your partner.

Your partner should do the same thing, too. If they look suspicious and do not want to answer the questions about their expectations, you would better stop dating him or her not to be embarrassed later on.

Tip 16. Add a good photo to your profile.

Dating is like sales. You demonstrate all your best to a potential customer or lover. It means that you must do your best to create the most positive first impression. In other words, you should make a unique profile possible. To do it, you will have to take a beautiful photo of you and even edit it a little bit. 

Try to use the freshest photo of yourself to place on a dating website. Do not confuse your potential partner with old photos of you in youth. You might have been beautiful and handsome then but keep in mind that those days are gone. You should let your partner face the truth. If he or she likes you the way you are, it will be gorgeous.

Tip 17. Add relevant interests to your profile.

Make sure your profile contains several interests. You might mention your hobby as well. Try to be creative and generate an engaging profile. In the section with comments, you are recommended to use a hook to draw the potential partner’s attention. 

Note that your today’s interests might be different from your interests in the past. Update your information and mention only relevant data in your profile. If you do it thoroughly, you will not need to wait for a long time to find your beloved one.

Tip 18. Be persistent.

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Do you know the proverb that «Success is 1% of inspiration and 99% of perspiration»? Now you cannot say that you have not heard it. Every story of success starts with a tremendous amount of effort. 

Even if it does not work on the first date, you should try out more. It will work on the next date if you keep on being persistent. Do not get upset or frustrated then. Everybody has their ups and downs. Dating is not an exception.

Tip 19. Dates are not therapy sessions.

Some men as well as women treat dating as a psychologist’s therapy session. They complain about their past and ex-husbands or wives. They look for understanding and sympathy. Anyway, you are not a psychologist who was paid money to listen to all this stuff. Interrupt a person if he or she keeps on using your ears and patience. Delicately tell them you are not a doctor to help them cope with their pain. You should do it as soon as possible to eradicate the problem at the very beginning. Your partner should respect you even more if you drop a hint that you will not provide therapy to them.

Tip 20. Value what you offer.

You are not a teenager now, and it is okay with that because you might offer a lot more if compared to a young man or woman. For instance, you might offer empathy, emotional competence, and dependability to your partner. Meaning, senior people are not always looking for handsome or beautiful partners only. They would like to find a true friend for the rest of their lives. You should not worry about the way you look because you might offer much more to friendship relationships.

Tip 21. Expect to feel like a teenager again.

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During the first date, you might feel like thirteen years old. You might tremble, and your voice might be nervous. These signs mean that you are alive and probably have found the one. Feeling like a kid one more time might seem that you are on the right track to find the beloved one.

Tip 22. Make conclusions.

It might be challenging to assess the first date fast right after it ends. Take a few days to analyze everything that happened to you. Review the things your partner has said to you and conclude whether it is acceptable for you or not. A bit of analysis is a must after the first few dates to determine whether it is worth dating one more time. 

To sum up, dating is an art. You should learn to do it step by step. You might be successful at first, but there is always a potential for you to improve the skills later on. Do not give up if it does not work on the spot. Be patient and wait until it works out. Good luck!

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