Are Russian girls worth dating?

Russian women dating

More and more foreigners travel to Russia because they are fascinated with the beauty of Russian women. They tend to write messages to Russian women on dating websites and then visit their native country if everything goes well. Let’s review some of the bonuses you might get dating Russian women.

What are the bonuses you will get dating a Russian girl?

Bonus 1. They are stunning.

Russian women know the secrets of how to take care of themselves. They use many creams and cosmetics to make their skin more attractive. You will hardly find a Russian woman with many wrinkles. It is not a secret that some of them use botox injections and have plastic surgery. It means that all Russian girls want to be attractive and loved.

Most Russian women can afford to pay for injections and surgeries because they earn good money. As long as Russian girls are well-educated, they occupy solid positions. They can eat whatever they want, dress whatever they like, and take care of their skin whichever way they choose.

Bonus 2. They are purposeful.

Russian women know exactly what they want. None of them is a couch potato. They tend to work and earn a lot because they have dreams and targets. All Russian girls would like to be successful in the future. They make notes and plan their future. For instance, Russian women might plan their life in fifteen years ahead.

It is quite normal for Russian women to be determined. Many of them like to attend self-development courses to be more mature as personalities. Russian women like to read books about personal growth. They want to be attractive physically and be good interlocutors, friends, and partners.

Bonus 3. They are intelligent.

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As it was mentioned above, Russian women are brilliant. Therefore, they all tend to have higher education. You will hardly find a girl in Russia without a Master’s degree in a specific niche. Russian girls want to be equal to men. They get higher education and choose very complicated professions. For instance, some of them might work as engineers, mechanics, mathematicians, and so on. Russian women accept the challenge and work hard.

It is not a secret that the prices for real estate in big Russian cities are very high. Most Russian girls would like to live there. That is why they want to get a degree in a specific field and work hard to earn money to buy the flat of their dreams. Some of them take credits for ten or twenty years just because they want to live in the Russian capital.

Bonus 4. They are good housekeepers.

Russian women know how to take care of their flat, even if it is big or small. Some of them employ other people to help them clean their apartments. Most Russian women tend to clean their territory by themselves. 

What is more, they can cook very well. Russian ladies learn to cook traditional Russian cuisine from the very childhood. They know various recipes for cooking salads, meat, and soups. However, modern Russian women tend to go to cafes or restaurants and order pizzas, sushi, or hamburgers because they might be tired of cooking at home.

Bonus 5. They have a specific culture.

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All Russian women like to celebrate such holidays as New Year, Easter, and Christmas. They tend to give presents to people they love and care about. They expect to be given a present from people who love them as well. If you travel to Russia in winter, prepare a gift to present her on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve. Modern Russian women like to celebrate such «western» holidays as Halloween. They like to cut the faces in pumpkins and buy a lot of stuff to design their flats. You will find many things in common if you visit Russia in the fall.

Bonus 6. They are very sporty.

Russian girls like to go to a gym, take dance classes, do yoga, pilates, etc. They all want to be slim because Russian guys will not like them if they are obese. Russian women tend to spend hours in such places. If they have no money or time to go there, they exercise at home watching the bloggers who show them certain exercises and movements.

Russian girls want to be healthy as well. You will hardly find a woman in Russia who suffers from obesity. As long as Russian food does not contain GMOs, the females are very slim there. Contrary to western women, Russian girls understand that it is a man’s world, and they must look pretty to be liked and chosen from many others.

Bonus 7. They like dating.

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Whether it is a foreigner or a native Russian guy, girls in Russia like to date them. Some of them go to blind dates. They enjoy the process of communication and talking about various things. Keep in mind that some Russian girls might be interested only to take money from you, so watch out. 

You would better try online dating before dating in real life. To test everything and check whether it works well, consider dating on a website before asking her to go out. If a Russian woman agrees and you have such a pleasure of communicating with her, do not hesitate to invite her to a real-life date.

Bonus 8. They are very tidy

Russian women are immaculate. They tend to take a shower a few times per day. They also like to put on perfume to smell good. If you like a certain smell, you might present her with a perfume you like. She will not mind you doing it as long as Russian girls like presents.

If you want her to dress the way you like, you would rather be careful. She might be too independent to accept it. You would better keep silent and not show your opinion. Respect her and her achievements because Russian girls like to be honored.

Bonus 9. She is kind.

Russian women are very kind-hearted. They like to donate money to various organizations. Some of them like to donate to charity foundations, while others prefer to give money to other people directly. Russian ladies are very soft and have a big heart. They would like to help all the world if they could.

Unlike other women, Russian girls like to feed cats and dogs they meet on the street. If they have some meat or sausage, they will soon feed a hungry animal. Some of Russian girls like to feed pigeons. They give them bread or seeds if they have because it gives them a certain pleasure.

Bonus 10. Russian women are well-mannered.

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Russian women know the principles of the right etiquette. They know which spoon or fork to take first when they eat in a restaurant. They also know how to behave in the theater or walk between the cinema chairs not to hurt anyone.

You will never blush to be with her if you meet in public places. Russian women learn the rules of etiquette in early childhood. They are very polite and behave, no matter what you might do or tell her.

Are there any drawbacks of dating a Russian girl?

Russian girls might look like an angel, but they still have their dark sides. There are a few things you should pay attention to before going out with a Russian woman. Let’s review the main disadvantages of dating a Russian lady:

Disadvantage 1. They might be late to come on a date.

For Russian girls, it might seem normal to be late for a date. All the girls in Russia are never on time to come to their partner. You should not get frustrated about it either because it is a tradition for a girl to be late on a date. 

You should not worry and keep on calling and messaging her on her way to a date. Just be patient and wait for fifteen to thirty minutes. If she does not come, maybe it will not work out. You do not have to panic but just schedule a date with another girl.

Disadvantage 2. You should pay for her dinner.

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It depends on a girl. Some Russian women like when a man pays for her. Some hate it because they think that a man should pay for her only after the third successful date. In other words, they want to keep looking independent as long as possible.

Therefore, you would better ask her whether she wants to pay for her dinner or you will do it. Try to make it clear by being straightforward. Note that you should not be irritated to pay for her because she might think that you are greedy and you will never meet with her again. Perfectly, you would better pay for her even if she does not want it. This is a kind of female logic of every girl in Russia.

Disadvantage 3. Some Russian girls do not like foreigners.

It might be a result of politics and the way the information is presented in the mass media. Some Russian women cannot stand people from western countries. They think that they are less worthy if compared to eastern men, for example. Therefore, many Russian women travel to such countries as Egypt or Turkey to spend their holidays. 

However, it depends on the upbringing. There is a certain category of Russian girls who love dating foreigners from both western and eastern countries. No matter where you might be from, you have a chance to find the love of your life in Russia.

Disadvantage 4. They do not speak English well.

Because of politics, many Russian women do not want to learn foreign languages. They think that they do not need it. Russian girls are brought up to feel they should marry a Russian guy and are not open to other perspectives.

Nevertheless, there is a small number of Russian females that like dating foreigners. They tend to attend English language courses to get to know their partners more. You should not give up if the girl you like does not know English because it is a matter of practice, persistence, motivation, and time.

Disadvantage 5. They might humiliate you.

Girls in Russia are very self-confident. Some of them are very self-centered and even egoistic. They might be stubborn from time to time. Note that Russian women are not gods. They have their weak points, just like any other girls worldwide. You should not get offended if she plays a bad joke with you. Try to be more tolerant and understand her. She might not be guilty of how she has grown and the information she absorbed on her life path.

The final thought

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All in all, there are many more benefits of dating a Russian girl compared to drawbacks. You will find your beloved one if you keep on being proactive, determined, and polite. Being generous is a must for every foreigner to draw her attention. Russian girls hate greedy and mean men. You should immediately change your attitude if you are like this.

It is recommended to plan your date to create a positive impression. You should look like a confident guy who knows what he wants to make a Russian girl interested. Wish you good luck and a nice date with your charming Russian lady!

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