Are there any peculiarities of dating in Ukraine?

Ukraine dating

Like any other country, Ukraine features several peculiarities of dating. There is a specific dating culture in Ukraine that must be considered. Ukraine is a great country with a long history. Its traditions of dating and marriage are interesting and particular. Let’s review the main features of Ukrainian dating.

What are the main elements of dating in Ukraine?

Feature 1. The man should pay for dinner only on the third date.

In some western and European countries, a man is supposed to pay for the meal starting from the first date. In other countries, however, the man should not pay at all. In Ukraine, the situation is different if compared to other countries. The girls in Ukraine would like you to pay for the third or fourth dinner but not the first two. Why? More and more Ukrainian ladies are becoming fascinated with a western culture where a woman seems to be treated as an independent person who can afford paying for herself in a restaurant. 

In some cases, the girls in Ukraine would like you to pay for dinner from the first date because they do not mind paying for them. In other words, they do not care about what other people or you might think about her and let you be a man. 

Ideally, it would be nice of you to clear the things out and discuss and ask your partner whether she doesn’t mind you paying for her. It depends and varies from a lady to a lady what the right way of behavior is. Try to ask her to tell you her opinion before you begin dating.

Feature 2. You should dress up nicely on the first date.

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Ukrainian girls like the proverb «Always dress for success» very much. It is a kind of motto for most Ukrainian ladies. It does not mean that Ukrainian girls are too materialistic, but it means they care about every single aspect of your personality. If a man comes tidy on the first date, it means that he respects her and wants to impress her. It might also tell that he cares about what she might think about him. 

Dress up well because your haters and competitors would hate it if you look nice. Most enemies dislike when we look stunning. If you want to win and defeat your potential competitors for the lady’s heart, you should look impeccable on the first and next dates. 

Ukrainian girls tend to judge the person depending on the way he looks on the first date. Maybe, she will change her mind in the future, but she would be pleased if you take your time and dress appropriately for now.

Feature 3. Plan your dating time.

A date with a Ukrainian girl seems to be a serious meeting. It is even more important than a meeting in the office you work at. Every Ukrainian woman would like you to be in control of everything going on on the first date. You should demonstrate to her that you are a confident and self-sufficient person. It does not mean that you should be selfish, but it means that you must create a kind of a plan for your first date.

Prepare some questions to ask your partner. Note that the first date should not look like an interview because she might feel nervous if you ask her too many questions at a time. Try to keep balance and ask only the most essential questions. 

You should also prepare a few jokes to make her smile and break the ice at the beginning of a date. Try to improve her mood if she comes upset on your first date, and she will notice and like you even more.

Feature 4. Listen.

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Every Ukrainian girl will respect and like you if you are skilled in the art of listening. Many girls are very talkative. They like to speak very much so that sometimes they might even interrupt you and talk. Do not get offended by that and let her express herself. 

If you learn how to listen and add some comments from time to time, you will please her as the only thing some girls might need is somebody to listen to their endless speech. Listening to her, you will prove to her that you accept her the way she is and are ready to give her good advice. Try not to interrupt her and let her say whatever she is saying. Sometimes it might be complicated to listen to a girl, but if you feel really like a lady, you will be attentive to the things she wants to share with you, right?

Feature 5. You should be a gentleman.

Ukrainian women like gentlemen. It means that you should remain polite, tactical, and attentive. Open the door to her, help her to take off her coat, and so on. In other words, you should learn the art of etiquette as well. The most important thing about being a gentleman is to respect her the way she is. She might either occupy a definite position in a big company or be just a manager in a cleaning company, but you should respect her no matter how much she earns and whether her job is popular or not.

For Ukrainian girls, it is not always essential to build a career. They would like to have a peaceful family life. However, a lot of Ukrainian girls would prefer to be successful both in family life and their career. The number of such women is continuously growing in Ukraine. You will hardly find a girl who does not care about her career but is looking only for cooking, bringing children up, and being a housekeeper.

Feature 6. You should bring her flowers.

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It might not always be appropriate to bring only flowers on the first date. You may also present her with a bar of chocolate, whatever. You should give her a small or a big present on your date. Do not bring costly gifts like a diamond ring or golden earrings because she might think you want to buy her, and you need something more than just a conversation with her. 

Ukrainian girls are intelligent enough to figure out and differ the real intentions of a man. If he brings a luxurious present to her on the first date, she might think that he wants to spend a night with her and is not serious about further relationships. Not to make her conclude this way, you would better bring a bouquet of beautiful flowers to her, and that’s it.

Feature 7. Bring a positive mood to the first date.

There is no need to be a clown on the first date. You are required only to be in high spirits. Your lady will feel it if you are in an excellent mood to communicate with her. Do not come to a date if you are ill. In this case, it will be better to cancel the meeting and agree to a date next time. You should not behave like a superhero as well. Stay at home if you do not feel okay. 

What is more, do not try to improve your mood by drinking any alcohol before a date. If you come on a date with a Ukrainian girl in such a condition, she will think that you are a drunkard and you will never meet again, no matter how handsome and charismatic you are. Yes, Ukrainian girls like cool and confident guys, but drinking vodka before a date should be a taboo for you.

Why is dating a Ukrainian girl so sweet?

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Ukrainian women are unique because they are not only beautiful but also smart. This is a nation of perfect housewives. If you marry a Ukrainian girl, you will enjoy the way she cooks for the rest of your life. Dating a Ukrainian woman is not a piece of cake, but it is worth doing because it is such a great chance to improve your life and find your charming lady.   

Moreover, you should not invest thousands of dollars in dating a typical Ukrainian girl. Doing small things is all you need. Most Ukrainian girls are not frivolous, so that you will find a perfect wife in this country for sure. Good luck finding your beloved one, and have a great date with a Ukrainian sweetheart!

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