Why are Russian girls worth dating?

Russian dating

There are many reasons why you should begin dating a Russian girl. First of all, these girls are beautiful. Secondly, they are extremely educated and intelligent. Thirdly, they are good housewives. There are even more reasons you should date a Russian girl but let’s review the right way of men’s behavior on the first date with a Russian girl.

The most appropriate things to do on the first date with a Russian woman

Thing 1. Bring her sweets or flowers.

Russian women like presents and flowers. For them, it is a sign of attention and means that a man cares about her. Note that this is the first and most important thing to do when you are going on a Russian date. Russian women will think that you are mean and greedy if you do not bring anything on your first date. Possibly, you will never meet again if you do not present her with a small gift of some sort. 

Therefore, it would be better to ask her in advance what flowers and which type of chocolate she likes before you ask her to date you. For instance, you might write a message to her on a dating site and politely ask her about her favorite kind of flowers and color. It might seem that this is not important, but Russian brides are practical and appreciate when a man gives them a gift. Some of them want to boast about the type of present to their friends. So the more costly the present is, the better it is for a Russian woman.

Thing 2. Pick her up and bring her home in a taxi.

russian dating

Russian women like rich men, it is true. They will appreciate it if you call a taxi at the end of the date and pay for it. Russian girls will not stand a foreigner who cannot afford to have a car. They like wealthy men who can take care of themselves. It is probably because there is a kind of stereotype in Russia claiming that all the foreigners are wealthy to buy them only expensive presents and drive them crazy with their wealth.  

If you are poor and cannot afford to pay for your charming Russian lady, you would better stay in your native country. However, there are exceptions to this rule regarding Russian girls from small towns and villages. They are also gorgeous, but their expectations from men from abroad are different. Meaning, they will not demand expensive presents on the first date but wait till the relationships get more serious and stable. 

Therefore, if you aren’t that rich, do not focus on Russian girls from big megapolises such as Saint Petersburg or Moscow. There are many places in Russia to discover and find your beloved one.

Thing 3. Tell her about your plans for the rest of the day, as well as for the rest of your life.

Russian women like when a man knows what he wants and expects certain things to happen in his life. Russian girls like confident and independent men who can take care of her and your future babies if you marry. They do not want to connect their life with an unreliable person. 

So, you should tell her about your plans for the nearest future. She must be confident that you are planning to marry someone before you go out. Russian girls do not like it when a man is unsure about his life. If they meet such a guy, it is 99% that will never date one more time. You will have to create the most favorable impression on her and demonstrate that even if you do not have a lot of money, you have a plan A and plan B to be wealthy and thriving in the future.

Thing 4. You should be handsome.

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Note that being handsome is not standing in the first place on this list. Most of the Russian women care about their partners’ appearance only when they are 20-35 years old. If a Russian woman you like is older, it is 95% that she would appreciate other qualities in you apart from being handsome. It is true that getting more mature, people begin to value opposite things and features in their partners. If you are not the most handsome guy in the world, you should not worry about it. Russian girls even say that the ideal man must be a bit more attractive than a monkey. Thumbs up if you are like this. The Russian woman is yours if you go to the gym and train your muscles. It is a kind of a bonus for a Russian lady, to sum up.

Thing 5. You should be wise.

Pay compliments as much as you can because Russian women like it. Being wise on the first date also means that you should be careful and watch your mouth. As long as many Russian girls are exceptionally touchy, you might easily hurt their feelings, for instance, if you are saying dirty jokes or using obscene language. 

It is also recommended to listen to her attentively when you go out. She might say something intimate and personal to you. It is a must for you to notice it and keep in mind—Russian women like when a man is attentive to detail and a good listener. If you have a sister, you would better train with her before asking a Russian lady to date you. 

Russian women like smart guys. You should not just be straightforward and tell everything that comes to your mind. No, no, no! You will just need to filter everything you say and keep in mind that she is a woman who has different inner soul organization and psychology.

Thing 6. Show your sense of humor.

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Russian women like to hear small jokes. Suppose you know a lot of them, good for you. You should be able to make her laugh on the first date, for sure. She should feel that you have a sense of humor. Russian women do not like too laid-back and detached men. They like hot guys, on the contrary. They also like it when a man is sensitive. You do not have to be gay to be discreet. It is usual for men to have not only pure testosterone in their veins but show some sensitivity. 

It might seem controversial that Russian women like when a man is both confident and sensitive, but this is the reality. When you go to the cinema, you would better select a movie that she wants. If a film is sad, you should offer your shoulder for her to cry on.

Thing 7. You should wear the best shoes and watch for a date.

Russian girls know that the condition of the shoes and watch shows the status of a man. Do not even try to say that you are rich if your boots are tattered. Dress up nicely for the first date, and do not forget about the accessorizing—Russian women like when a man looks great. 

If you want your charming Russian lady to choose you, you would better consider every aspect mentioned above. It might seem strange that Russian women care about different things, unlike the girls in your native country, but this makes them so original.

Is it easy to win the heart of the Russian lady on the first date?

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Yes, it is. It will be challenging a little bit but is worth it, without any hesitation. Russian girls like when men do their best to win her heart. They enjoy it when a man fights for their love. So be a man and show her your masculinity. 

You should also prove that you are the perfect candidate for her if you like her. Show your interest and maturity. She must be confident that your intentions are not dirty if you go out.  

Wish you good luck when dating a Russian girl. Sometimes these girls might seem hard candies, but you will find that they are very kind and exceptional if you dig deeper. If it does not work out, you can always find someone else in your native country or Russia. However, if you are sure that you met the ideal one, you should fight for her, no matter how difficult and lengthy it might be, because there is a big competition for the heart of a Russian beauty.

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