Why do so many people enjoy online dating and choose it?

Online dating

Many couples are born as a result of online dating. However, what makes online dating so popular? As long as online dating features both advantages and disadvantages, let’s review each of the sides. Let’s find out why so many young and older people decide to date online.

The list of the main advantages of online dating

Advantage 1. It is safe.

As long as you are supposed to sit in front of your computer or telephone screen, there is nothing to worry about. Safety is the main reason why women choose online dating. When you date online, all the risks are reduced, so you are not worried about many things. For instance, if the date lasts for too long, you do not have to worry about how you would get back home, and so on. 

People choose online dating for safety reasons. And they are right! You should only dress nicely and be ready to be on time as you scheduled your meeting. Your partner will be looking and waiting for your conversation from all their heart. It is absolutely the easiest way to meet and communicate because you are on your territory.

Advantage 2. You save time.

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One more big plus of online dating is an opportunity to save time. You should not stand in queues, wait for the bus to come, or order a taxi to go back home. All you need is to agree to meet at a specific time on a dating website. Time is such a precious thing that cannot be bought. You will neither be able to turn back or prolong time if you want. Time is money, and many business people understand it well. When you date online, a considerable part of the time is saved. You will have extra time to spend on your hobbies to be happy.

You might already understand that getting to the place where you work or live is such a waste of time. Suppose you should spend some time to get to a date, you will waste even more time, so there is no time to live at all! Isn’t that intimidating?

Advantage 3. You can find the perfect match.

Since you should specify all the features of your Mr. Right or charming lady, the chances to make the wrong decision are reduced. The risk of finding a person who is not your dream is deficient. However, you should be accurate and fill in all the fields of your profile for the right lady or guy to choose you among thousands of profiles. Try to be honest and do not exaggerate because all the truth will be revealed if you meet up in real-time and space.   

There might be a few candidates to fill in your expectations. You might date them simultaneously but do not tell about it to any of your partners because they might get offended. It is normal to look for the perfect match and date a few people if you are not sure yet. It is your life, and it is you who decides how to live it. Nevertheless, if it is expected at online dating when you get to know each other more, you should finally make up your mind to select the one to move on with and proceed to date.

Advantage 4. You save money.

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Men understand this plus very well. Meaning, you should not spend money on a ticket to the cinema, taxi, dinner, suit, shoes, and watch. All you need to pay for is the Internet connection. Once you did it, perfect! Money doesn’t grow on a tree. If you hardly manage to make both ends meet, online dating will save your life. Of course, you want to date someone, but it might be challenging to do as long as ordinary dating is so finances-consuming if you have no money. 

Moreover, when you date online, you have an opportunity to set money aside, for instance, for your flat or wedding day. Will you agree that it is a much better way to use the money you earn and such a practical one?

Advantage 5. You will meet your long-term partner.

Online dating introduces you to the world of male and female lonely hearts. Most dating sites users have good intentions and target at having long-term relationships. Some of them are representatives from different countries. Meaning, you will get an opportunity to relocate and get a green card if you want. Statistics claim that 23% of people who date online have met their long-term partners on the sites and continue to develop relationships with them. Many online daters want to create a family. If you are looking for a serious relationship, not just a short-time love affair, you should register on a dating site now and go «fishing» for the perfect match.

Advantage 6. You remain anonymous.

No third party will get to know that you have registered on a dating site and begun to look for the right person. You might use a nickname for your login and do not need to specify any personal data. The only thing people might know is your photo. 

It opens you a door to various opportunities. When dating online, you might do what you could not afford to do when meeting someone face-to-face. For instance, you might be more easy-going, flexible, and open-minded if it comes to online dating compared to regular dating.   

You are free to write a message to whoever you want. You might also write whatever you want. Note that if you offend others on a dating website, you might be blocked. Watch your mouth, be polite, and behave. These are the three whales on which you should base the beginning of your relationships online.

Advantage 7. You might meet people from various social circles who you could hardly meet in real life.

People are running circles almost every day. They tend to meet specific people every day, but they would not like to date them even if they are close to them. It is a kind of vicious circle. To step out of it, you should do something unusual—for instance, register on a dating site.

Being a member of an online dating community, you get a chance to find the one who is unlike people who surround you every day. Moreover, you might meet a star there, with no hesitation since many famous people use dating sites as well.

If you want to change your life significantly, you are to be hanging out on a dating site. There are very few steps to be done, but you will be delighted with the result in the aftermath.

Advantage 8. You can date from home.

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Online dating allows you to stay at home when it is raining cats and dogs outside. You should not step out of your house if it is snowing. Every online dater takes advantage of it. You should not dress up very well. All you need to do is to dress the upper part of your body, and that’s it. 

You might also arrange the environment you like to be a font. Ladies should not wear high heels and feel pain in their legs when they come back home. It is advantageous to date online, and many people know it. More and more people consider and choose online dating, at least, for the initial period of dating and developing relationships with the one they select.

Advantage 9. You have more choices.

You might consider finding the love of your life among your friends, but the world is much more significant. Try to think out of the box and find the one that matches all the criteria you mentioned in your profile. We are sure you will find the best candidate for you, even a few of them to select from.  

Do not hesitate to write first. Girls like it. Be a man and offer a lady you want to date her online. Being a woman does not mean you cannot write a message first. We live in a world of stereotypes, though, but women are not the second sort of people. They can show initiative first as well if they like a guy, and it is okay.

Advantage 10. There is less fear to be rejected.

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The more messages you write each day, the better. Even if you are rejected, it is okay because not every woman will like you. There will always be some people who would accept your invitation to date online and answer your message. 

Being rejected does not mean that you are less worthy. No way! It means that you live and are ready to come across the hurdles and move on if it does not work. Note that you might fall down eight times but must rise nine times. This is the way to be successful in life and the best tip to use when finding the love of your life.

The list of disadvantages of online dating

Disadvantage 1. It might be stressful to create your profile page.

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Creating a profile page might be very challenging. First of all, you will have to be a good salesperson because dating is like sales. Meaning, you offer your advantages and benefits to other people. Your profile must shine brightly to stand out. Even one mistake in your profile page might spoil the broth.

Therefore, you should approach the process of generating your profile very carefully and accurately. Truly, brainstorming the way your profile will look is a real art. As long as not every person can compose the data on their page well, several dating agencies might help him or her. 

However, instead of using someone else’s help, you might do your best and create a profile by yourself. You will need to proofread the information you mentioned and edit it if needed. You should also polish your profile in case there are any spelling, grammar mistakes, or typos.

It might be such a time-consuming process, but you should keep in mind that you do it to find the love of your life. Meaning, it must be done in a perfect way to impress the appropriate candidate.

Disadvantage 2. You cannot smell your partner.

Even though some people do not care about the partners’ smell, it is essential for some of the dating site’s users. If a person smells well, it is a good sign because it means that they take care of their bodies. 

Moreover, the way a person smells might catalyze the chemistry between two people. They will begin to be sexually attracted to a partner based on the way he or she smells. To some extent, people are animals, so Charles Darwin was partially right. However, you should keep in mind that smell is not everything since it is a soul that matters. 

On the contrary, if your partner smells terrible, you would better end the date as soon as possible because it might mean that it will be unpleasant to continue to date with him or her. Primarily, you should stop dating if his or her smell irritates you. Suppose the reason for the terrible smell is her or his perfume, you might tell about it directly.

Disadvantage 3. Some people might lie in their profiles.

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There is some category of online dating site users who continuously lie. Note that not all the users do it. Many people tell the truth about themselves. You should not get frustrated because some of the dating site’s users avoid being honest and sincere. 

If you meet someone who you think is lying to you or lies during a date, you might stop communicating and dating him or her immediately. You might also block this person or add it to the blacklist. 

For instance, you might test whether they tell the truth in the following manner. On the date, you might ask the same questions but in various ways to the person. If the answers are different, you should end up dating him or her.

Disadvantage 4. You cannot touch him or her.

For some people, it is crucial to touch another person. For instance, it might be so if a person feels that they are loved or not depending on the touch. In other words, he or she might feel a certain way of energy if they touch their partner a little bit.

Note that you should not hug or kiss another person on the first date. Just touch their hand carefully and try to figure out what you feel. If you feel love, it is a good sign. Do not get upset if it does not work. At least, you have tried to figure out the degree of affection and passion between you. 

This is not a big deal if you cannot touch a person when online dating. You might do it after you decide to date in reality after a few dates online. Before you understand that this or that person is perfect for you, you would better date him or her a few times online to figure out whether they are appropriate.

Disadvantage 5. You will not sacrifice.

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The truth is that if a person sacrifices something, he or she starts to value a thing or a person more compared to the way they did earlier. Online dating supposes that you are not spending money on various things and not wasting your time. It means that you should not sacrifice your time and money.

For some people, it might be risky because they will not be able to love their partner. However, if you are an adequate person and comprehend the things appropriately, it will work for you because in some cases, sacrificing does not mean love.

The final verdict

All in all, the number of advantages is more significant than the number of drawbacks. You can start dating online right now. All you need to do is fill in all your profile sections, representing your personality’s best side. Do not exclude the negative aspects, such as whether you like smoking or drinking. It must be clear to your potential partner who you are with all your benefits and dark sides. 

It is similarly vital to include only relevant information about you. For instance, if you are married, you should specify it openly, not confuse later on. Be sincere and honest since these qualities are appreciated by the opposite sex the most at any time.

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